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  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation

    When is the last time you went hunting, fishing, or dancing? Shopped your favorite store? Walked the mall or your favorite boat or garden show? Is the simple act of breathing difficult for you or someone you love? It doesn’t have to be! Even though you have a chronic breathing problem, give yourself a fighting chance… Pulmonary Rehabilitation can help you get healthy in mind, body, and spirit!

    The cornerstone of our program is Pulmonary Advance, a self-care training program that emphasizes breathing retraining, stress management, and panic control. An energizing educational series, Pulmonary Advance puts YOU in control of your breathing problems, by teaching what makes you short of breath, and ways to reduce — or even eliminate — it, plus our best techniques on how to sleep, eat, work, and feel better. We will present ways to retrain yourself to breathe better and pace yourself for more continuous activity, plus tools to help you on “bad” breathing days.

    Joining our program requires a referral from your primary care doctor or pulmonary specialist, an exercise tolerance test with pulse oximetry to help us determine the level of exercise you can do safely (or if there are reasons you should not exercise), and a 90-minute assessment with staff to assess your health history and orient you to our exercise equipment.

    Our Services

    • Patient education
    • Exercise therapy
    • Individual exercise program, conducted on an outpatient basis
    • Better Breathers: a free educational seminar and support group; members receive our free newsletter
    • Program consisting of two one-hour exercise sessions plus educational class time each week for 18 weeks
    • Guidelines for home-based exercise programs or fitness center programs, given at the completion of the program

    Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

    • Less shortness of breath
    • Improved movement with less stiffness or pain
    • Improved strength and endurance
    • Improved capacity for daily activities
    • Slowing of disease process
    • Decreased severity of illness
    • Improved quality of life
    • Increased knowledge of your lungs

    Active participation in our programs will give you the skills you need to help you live with a chronic breathing problem, as well as regular contact with both our trained staff and with others who live with breathing difficulties.

    For more information, please call the Pulmonary Rehabilitation director at (269)273-9758.