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  • Three Rivers Health and West Michigan Cancer Center Affiliation Announced

    May 2, 2017



    THREE RIVERS, MI – Three Rivers Health (TRH) has announced a formal affiliation agreement with West Michigan Cancer Center & Institute for Blood Disorders (WMCC).

    This clinical partnership will expand access to some of the region’s leading cancer experts improving the prevention, detection and treatment of those with cancer in the Three Rivers region. In addition, as part of the affiliation, TRH will have access to targeted treatments and innovative clinical trials as well as survivorship resources and additional opportunities for continuing education for physicians and medical staff.

    “We’re very pleased to have this collaboration with the West Michigan Cancer Center & Institute for Blood Disorders,” said Chief Executive Officer William Russell. “Today, our cancer care team is now affiliated with one of the best in the country. Their expertise combined with our compassionate staff will ensure our patients will receive the very best of care.

    “We have a vision for the positive impact this affiliation will have in the local community andin the surrounding region,” said Russell. “Plus, this is just the beginning, as we anticipate this service will continue to grow.”

    WMCC is a not-for-profit collaboration of Borgess Health and Bronson Healthcare Group, founded in 1994. The center also operates affiliate clinics in Allegan, Dowagiac, Marshall, South Haven, and Sturgis, seeing approximately 4,000 new patients annually.