Revolutionary Regenerative Medicine Seminar

April 8, 2019

It was announced today that on Saturday, April 13, Dr. Orlando Landrum will be holding a free seminar in which he will present revolutionary Interventional Orthopedic treatments at the Three Rivers Health facility. The seminar begins at 11 a.m. and will be staged in the St. Joseph and Portage River conference rooms.

Advances in the use of orthobiologics make invasive orthopedic surgeries unnecessary for many patients. Interventional Orthopedic Medicine focuses on precise percutaneous placement of orthobiologics under exacting image guidance. These regenerative biologic treatments, like adult stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma, help patients avoid the long down time, rehabilitation and limited mobility associated with orthopedic joint replacement.

This seminar will cover innovative solutions for a variety of bone, muscle and nerve conditions, as well as an insightful introduction to the latest regenerative medicine treatments now available at Three Rivers Health. According to Dr. Landrum, “My presentation will provide options for people who have been dealing with joint issues, arthritis or ligament or tendon tears and are searching for an alternative to the normal invasive surgeries.”

One of Dr. Landrum’s core principles is to provide a treatment plan that accurately addresses his patients’ condition. “Many people are concerned with traditional surgery, so when patients come to us they speak with a healthcare team that listens and cares,” says Dr. Landrum. “I am pleased that my patients now have access to advanced regenerative medicine such as platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapies, both of which promotes healing by producing new tissues to replace damaged tissues. These treatments help patients to get their life back, without surgery.”

About Dr. Orlando Landrum

Dr. Landrum and his team offer today’s most advanced Interventional Orthopedic treatments to help patients get their lives back without traditional orthopedic surgeries. His practice is built around long-term results, not temporary remedies, a belief that continues to drive the physician and staff.  Dr. Orlando Landrum and his team listen to their clients, determine the precise cause of the inflammation and discomfort to create comprehensive, individualized treatment plans that will restore their quality of life. 

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