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  • Home Sleep Apnea Testing Now Offered

    February 16, 2017


    Sleep Apnea Testing is now available in the comfort of your own home with a doctor’s referral at the Three Rivers Health Sleep Lab. Home Sleep Testing is an alternative to an overnight polysomnogram conducted in the sleep lab. It is used to diagnose sleep disordered breathing.

    Sleep disordered breathing affects millions of people and contributes to many other diseases. The associated excessive daytime sleepiness creates safety risks from drowsy driving. Millions of people suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), the most common form of sleep disordered breathing. Many people are aware of their problem, but are reluctant to be tested. The cost and/or the anxiety of staying in a sleep lab could be the reason(s) for their hesitation. As an alternative, now you can do a home study.

    Here’s how it works: After referral is received from a physician and insurance authorization is obtained(where applicable), you will be scheduled to arrive at the Three Rivers Health Sleep Lab, by appointment. Your appointment will take up to an hour, where you will receive education on use of the device. You will be given instructions on how to apply the device and demonstration is provided. During the home study, oxygen levels, heart rate, air flow and chest movement are measured. After 1-2 nights of use at home the unit is returned to Three Rivers Health sleep lab where the data is then reviewed and scored by a technologist. The sleep doctor also reviews the data and provides an interpretation. If the data suggests that OSA is present and CPAP therapy is recommended, an overnight study for CPAP titration may be necessary. This can also be ordered through the Three Rivers Health Sleep Lab. Titration studies are performed in the sleep lab. Follow up with a board certified sleep physician is provided here as well.

    The Alice NightOne home sleep test is currently being used at the Three Rivers Health Sleep Lab. It is FDA approved and very easy to use. Patients receive the device in a sturdy carrying case that also contains instructions with illustrations. It has an “auto-on” feature with light indicators on the device that guide the patient through application. Patients receive a phone number to call with questions if any problems are experienced during the test.

    Home sleep apnea testing is not indicated when other sleep disorders may be present. If a patient has cognitive impairment or may have difficulty applying the device, a home sleep test is not appropriate. HST is not approved for patients under the age of 18.

    For more information, please call 269.273.9816.